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Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

the whole teacher

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I realize that, actually being a teacher is not an easy job. As front liners of the national education, the teachers should be able to put themselves as a whole teacher. For me as a prospective teacher who is going to teach someday, I have my own perspective of what the whole teacher is.
In teaching, I should ensure my self that I already have something on my brain. As we know teaching is a process of transferring knowledge to the students. The essence of teaching is enabling the students to know something that they have not known yet. In this case, as a prospective teacher, I do realize that I have to be knowledgeable. All the concept of the subject matter that I am going to teach to the students should be well mastered.  It is important for me because knowledge is a thing that I will give to my students and that is one of some essential parts of teaching. Just Imagine, how if the teacher doesn’t have any knowledge of the material that is going to be taught to the students.   There will be no doubt that the students will get nothing as their teacher also gives nothing for them. Therefore, I think that I need to enrich my self with knowledge, especially English, in order to be able to teach my students someday.
Moreover, if I want to be a whole teacher, I should have a good personality. Good personality means that I have to be able to show a behavior of how a good teacher should be. I should be able to create a good image toward my self. This will include the essence of humanity in which I should not discriminate some of my students. I should think that they are all equal. They come to school to study and to enrich themselves with knowledge for their future. So, it’s a must for me to give the best for all of them because they have the same right as students. I also should be able to build up the sense of empathy. It has something to do with my sensitivity in which I should be able to feel someone else’s feeling and try to help them in finding the way out of their problem sincerely.


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