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Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Unlucky Little Girl

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One day when I was walking down the city street, I saw a little girl was sitting alone at the corner of the street. She sat on a used news paper under a tree. I tried to approach to the place where she sat. When I already next to her I saw her face as pale as death. I thought maybe she hasn’t been eating for days. She wore a dirty clothe with ripped everywhere. Her body was as thin as a rake with only skin without flash at all covered her bones. I didn’t think her life was full of happiness. She might be all by her self everyday. I felt so pity to see her condition at that time. In her age she proper was being in school. But because of the cruel world, she couldn’t enjoy her childhood. At that time she just looked at my face with a big hope on her eyes. But when I touched her shoulder, she tried to hide her face between her knees. I didn’t understand why she acted like that. Then I remember I still had a slice of bread inside my bag. I thought it might be can little bit helped her. I put the bread in front of her and then I decided to leave her. She still hid her face between her knees without tried to loot at me. I couldn’t do anything and just walked home. But when I tried to look back, I saw her was eating the bread. It was looked like she never had meal in her life.  Her face looked as hungry as a wolf and she ate quickly. I felt so happy and said my greatest thanks to my Almighty God for all of things in my life.

BY : Sukertiasih

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