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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012


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In the simulation, Dian taught about narrative text. Before moving to the main activity, she greeted the students and opened the class by giving some pre-leading questions. However, the way she opened the class was not so attractive. So, only few students who paid attention while the others busy chatting with their friends. She then explained about narrative text. The way she explained the material was clear enough. But she did not invite the students to share their opinions to check whether they already understand or not and directly moved to the next activity. She asked the students to make groups. Then assigned them to analyze the generic structure of the text. I think, the text given was too long for junior high school level. Besides, the story was not familiar for the students and there were so many difficult words that even hard to understand by university students. I think, she needs to make adaptation towards the text. After that, she had the students read their work. The students seemed unwilling to perform because they didn’t really understand the story. But after all, her performance is quite good and she masters the materials.

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