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Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Rationale diskors analisis

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Language has important role in human’s life. According to Brown and Yule (1983), language has two main functions namely transactional and interactional. As transactional function, language is used to transfer or transmit information. While as interactional function, language is used to establish and maintain social relationships. In relation to that point, we can say that language serves as a means for communication.
Communication is a very important aspect of the human life, since it helps human beings to connect with each other as individuals and as groups. Through the process of communication, we are not only able to share ideas and emotions, but send and receive information as well. There are various ways of communication used in society, one of them is mass media. Mass media is an important communication tool for information spreading.
Mass media refers collectively to all media which are intended to reach a large audience via mass communication. There are two kinds of mass media, electronic and print media. Electronic media transmits their information electronically and comprise of television, film and radio, movies, and some other gadgets. Alternatively, print media uses a physical object as a means of sending their information, such as a newspaper, magazines, brochures, newsletters, books, leaflets and pamphlets

by : sukertiasih

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