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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012


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 To be a good teacher is not an easy thing to do. In becoming a good teacher, a person should prepare many things. Good teacher must also make sure that all of the students are willing to follow the class, have good attitude towards the learning process and be able to understand the material. The task of a teacher is to educate the students to master a number of competencies.
For that reason, the teacher must also master some competencies those are pedagogic competency, professional competency, and social competency. Pedagogic competency is related to the mastery of a number of teaching skills. Meanwhile the professional and social competencies are included in pedagogic competency. It means that a teacher who can master the pedagogic competency is automatically master the professional and social competencies.
In order to prepare the teachers candidate that is in the present time studying in Ganesha University of Education, micro teaching subject is designed. The subject itself must be taken before the teachers candidate can do the real teaching practice at school.
In micro teaching class, all the skills that need to be mastered by teacher will be taught. The theories and also the practice will also be given to the students. By following this class, the students are expected to have a proper input about what to be done in the real teaching situation.
Micro teaching is also taught in English Education Department. The subject is handled by 4 different lecturers. One of those lecturers is Mrs. Eka. Mrs Eka’s class is scheduled every Thursday at CD period. The class consists of 15 students. Four students are from class A, and the rest of them are from class C.
In her class, the students will be given some theories about the teaching skills that need to be mastered by the students first. The theories itself were come from the teaching videos. The students have to divide the class into several groups. Each group then have to presents the theory about a particular teaching skill.
After having the presentation, the other students (who were not in charge to present the theory) were assigned to do partial simulation of the particular skill in 5 minutes. By having the simulation, the other students can see the real presentation of the skill. They can learn from their friends and start to imagine what they should do when they have to be the real teacher in the classroom.
After all the material/theories of the skills and the partial simulation had been done, the students were assigned to do the holistic simulation. Each student got 20 minutes to do their own simulation. Half of the students were assigned to act as teacher of Junior High school and the rest of them must act as Senior High School teacher.
The holistic simulation was done in two sessions. On the first session, all of the students were performed all of the theories of the skills that had been explained before. One student was act as the teacher and the other students were act as the students. The students who were not teaching should give comments on their friend’s performance. It is expected that the students can improve themselves by reading their friend’s comments.
In the second session, the students must switch their previous role. If in the first session they were act as Junior High School teacher, they should became Senior High School teacher in the second session. Their performance would be based on their own self reflection after they got some comments from their friends.
In the end of the class, all of the students have got sufficient information about what should be done in the real teaching situation. It is hoped that they can improve their skill as the time goes by, and transformed into a good teacher in the future.

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