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Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

my house

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My house is on the mountain, its color is white. Besides, my house has a yard, on my yard i plant some flowers and trees to make it beatiful and cool. All my neighbors like it

Inside of my house there are so many equipments like chairs, table, tv, radio and paintings on the living room’s wall. My living room is so nice, everyone who come to visit like it

There are some rooms in my house like bedrooms, living room, kitchen, familiy room and toilet. My bedroom is always clean, everyday i always tidy it up. In my bedroom there is a table where i put books and leptop on it

That is the situation in my house which is nice and cool, everything is still natural and away from the city, there is no poluted air. I am so happy to life in my lovely house with my family.

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