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Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

keroncong music culture of Indonesia

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Keroncong music has become part of music culture of Indonesia, in which it has characteristic that contains the values of universal culture, as well as the others. Keroncong music has its own characteristics that are different from other musical form that exist from a combination of musical elements, musical accompaniment and the presentation techniques. Keroncong music still not been able to develop well as the other kinds of music, but it still survive in the midst of our society. Nowadays there are so many modern songs in which arranged into keroncong and has become modern keroncong. This idea sparks because of people getting bored to listen old style static keroncong. The modern keroncong are formed by Indonesian pop songs, western pop songs, semi classical western songs and folk songs. All of them as a form of creativity of the musician to improve the quality, develop and preserve the keroncong music. The Indonesian government itself still trying to preserve the existence of keroncong music through competitions and broadcasting through radio and television stations, both national and private. In addition the existence of hotels and restaurants provide a significant opportunity to further enhance its existence through the show, regularly or incidental. Those efforts will lead keroncong musical activities in Indonesian become livelier. In this case, it is very important to preserve the existence of keroncong music regarding to its functions as one of musical form that live in our society.
First of all, keroncong music has educational function. The art work in form of keroncong songs are one of important media for informal education for the community. The educational values can be obtained through the lyrics / poems that contained in the song. The community can understand or perceive the teachings of the religion, manners and other subjects that are useful in improving its existence. The second, keroncong music absolutely has entertainment function. Music or song is one of the forms of consumption for the needs of the human mind which pertained secondary needs. When they are experiencing tension or boredom after finishing a job, or are experiencing problems, listening to music is one way to release tension. Music is one of entertainment that is easy to obtain either through radio, television, MP3, and mobile phones.
            In here the existence of keroncong music is also valuable to entertain people. Besides that, keroncong music also posses economic function. Before becoming a commodity, keroncong music is just as works of art that functions as a spiritual refreshment or entertainment at a time when resting. However, its existence has now been transferred in functions; in addition to the entertainment function is also functioning economy. Thanks to the touch of modern technology which is the result of popular culture that makes the songs begin to show its existence through the form of presentation. 
            Various forms of modification are created to package the songs so well known and popular in our society. Packaging in the form of cassettes and VCD or DVD apparently received a warm welcome from the community, especially for fans of the keroncong songs. The big amount of request circulation of tapes and VCD/DVD are not only profitable for the owners of major labels of a studio recording, but the singer, musician and songwriter also feel involved in terms of material benefit. The last but not least is keroncong music has social function. Expressions of art, whether art "noble civilization" and the "entertainment" in addition to having aesthetic value would also have social functions. Social function of art can be seen from the information contained in a form of art which aims to influence the public or the audience to be able to socialize to the surrounding environment. Social function in the keroncong music can be seen from the role keroncong songs that are sung for the benefit of society in activities such as shower, wedding with the aim to entertain the invitees who attended the event

by : Sukertiasih

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