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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

Chemistry Reactions

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I.      Purpose
To know the indications in chemistry reactions.

II.      Theory
Chemistry reaction is a reaction between chemistry compounds or chemistry element that involved structure changes of molecule, commonly has relation with formation and severance chemistry bound. In the chemistry reaction, occurred process of chemistry bound where the first substance reacts with another substance to produce the product. The held of this process can need energy (endothermic reaction) or release energy (exothermic reaction) with characteristic are formed gas, sediment, occurred the temperature changes or the color changes.
III.      Equipments
a)      Test tube cracking
b)      Test tube
c)      Pipette
d)     Test tube clip

IV.      Chemicals
a)      HCl 3 M solution
b)      “Keping pualam” (CaCO3)
c)      Magnesium ribbon (Mg)
d)     Pb(CH3COO)2 0,1 M solution
e)      K2CrO4 0,1 M solution
f)       CuSO4 0,1 M solution
g)      NaOH 2 M solution
h)      H2SO4 2 M solution
i)        Distillate water
j)        Limestone(CaO)

V.      Prosedur Percobaan
1)      Put 3 mL HCl 3 M solution into test tube then add a piece of CaCO3.
2)      Put 3 mL HCl 3 M solution into the test tube then add the magnesium ribbon about 3 cm! Feel the temperature changes by touching the bottom of test tube.
3)      Put 2 mL Pb(CH3COO)2 0,1 M solution into test tube then add 2 mL K2CrO4 0,1 M solution.
4)      Put 2 mL CuSO4 0,1 M solution into test tube then add 1 mL  NaOH 2 M solution.
5)      Put 2 mL K2CrO4 0,1 M solution into test tube then dropping with H2SO4 2 M solution until occurred the color changes.
6)      Put 4 mL distillate water (H2O) into test tube then add a little piece of limestone (CaO). Feel the temperature changes that happen!
7)      Put 3 mL H2SO4 2 M solution into test tube then add 3 mL NaOH 2 M. Feel the temperature changes of solution!

VI.      Experiment Result Table
Chemistry Reactions
Experiment Result
HCl + CaCO3

HCl + Mg

Pb(CH3COO)2 + K2CrO4

CuSO4 + NaOH

K2CrO4 + H2SO4

H2O + CaO

H2SO4 + NaOH

VII.      Questions
1)      Base on chemistry reactions above, which reaction:
a)      Produce gas?
b)      Produce sediment?
c)      Produce color changes?
d)     Produce temperature changes?
2)      Write down the chemistry reactions from all of the reactions in the table!

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