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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

breaking free wifi

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Simple tool that prepared heck wrote:- A set of Laptop: PC is no wifi adapter can also be, as long as hotspotnya network can be captured.- Charger laptop: because it would take a lot of battery power when the Internet craze gratisNgakakNgakak.Collapse wifi applications are required:A. IPScan.exe2. TMACv5_Setup.zipImmediately wrote to do now:A. Find the location of the hotspot service provider, of course, in an area that is accessible hotspot network.2. Turn on your laptop, and also turn on your wireless network and see the wireless network system tray icon, then right click and select view avalible wireless network, and of course after that you must connect to a wireless hotspot your destination.3. After connect, right click the system tray and select status> details tab> look there ip given to us. Write down the ip.Open application and enter the ip Scanner AngryIP we will scan range (to use the data we had ip) at the top. For example: we can IP and enter the ip in the first column of our range in accordance with the ip that was but change the number at the end with 1 becomes and in the second column write the same but the numbers one end was replaced with 255 to result to and click start (red button).4. After scanning, we will get the ip of data that life is connected with hotspots. after scanning is complete then see a live ip (host alive) right click on the blue color of the live ip ip Right-click on the blue color was right click> show> mac address and there will be code mac addres (sometimes there are mac addresses are not displayed, select Just the other ip). Take note that we get the mac address.5. Open the Mac Address Changer program we have prepared. There is a mac address field. well now just change the mac address with which we've been and hit change mac id.6. Wait for our mac will be replaced and a temporary connection and connect again automatically disconnected itself.7. Log firefox web browser or anything goes. Enjoy Free Internet ...

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